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The Diamant Prüflabor GmbH Idar-Oberstein grades polished diamonds according to the rules of the International Diamond Council (IDC). The IDC was founded in 1975 by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufactures Association (IDMA), in order to develop detailed grading rules from practice. These so called IDC-rules were accepted from the WFDB and IDMA in 1978 and updated in 2010. The IDC rules are recognized by all diamond bourses world-wide.

The DPL was founded in 1977 with the intention to establish the IDC rules in Germany. From the beginning the diamond trade and the customers could trust the quality of the DPL-certificates. Because:

the DPL takes full liability for the correctness of the certificates.

Tools and equipment always represent the state-of-the-art technology.

The diagnosis of the various methods of treatment like changes of the degrees of purity or colour, are also a prerequisites for an efficient testing laboratory, as well as the distinct identification of imitations or synthetic diamonds.

The anonymous assessment of the diamonds in the laboratory through several grades ensures strict neutrality and objectivity without regards for the person.

The DPL is a non-profit company and of course it does not assess the value nor it is engaged in the trade of diamonds.